Why Moore?

Nearly 75% of our clients are repeat customers. Here’s why…

Moore Customer Satisfaction – Total support, totally personal.

Any company you hire ought to be competent in what they do. What makes the difference between competence and excellence? We can sum it up in three words: Moore Customer Satisfaction. It means we take every business relationship personally - from the first contact to the final signoff and beyond. Your personal project manager will make sure you're satisfied by promising to fulfill these criteria:


Our expertise gives us the capability to provide everything from basic design and engineering services to full-scale site development and construction.


Our Single Point of Change strategy -  our full service team - maximizes efficiency and minimizes cost impacts over the life-cycle of a project.

State of the Art

MCSI follows the industry’s best practices. When  we design, engineer, program, fabricate, construct and install your projects, we make sure we use the latest proven processes, systems, and materials.


MCSI’s responsibility is to preserve quality while also maintaining the project’s scope, budget, and schedule.  We want you to get exactly what you asked for, with a level of quality we can both be proud of. In fact, our reputation for reliability alone has made us a preferred provider for many of our customers.

Safety Conscious

Our motto at MCSI is “Quality, second only to safety.™” In executing every project, we are committed to the safety of the public, our employees, and all onsite contractor and supplier personnel. We believe that this commitment not only ensures a better product… it is simply the right thing to do.


Regardless of size or complexity, MCSI approaches every project with one attitude: it’s not just your project – it’s our project. This personal approach is backed by our project managers, who make themselves available to you 24-7, with full contact information, including their cell-phone numbers.